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Animations come in many different forms and despite the later years of the web being dominated by animations created in Flash before that animations were made purely with a series of graphic images.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we started making animations before Flash was popular, shown here are just some of the animations we've created during our time.

All links have been removed and quality does vary due to the version of Flash they were created in (or their age) but they are here anyway.

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Krafty Presentation & Graphics

Our own logo, first created in 1998 and animated with Flash in 2000.

This animated logo has been incorporated into each and every Krafty Presentation & graphics website revamp since it's creation.

The Muso Network

Made for The Muso Network from Noble Park way back in 1998 when Flash was in its infancy.

This is our first ever Flash creation.

Traralgon Cyber Shack

Krafty Presentations & Graphics animated "truck menu" was first created 1999 for Traralgon Cyber Shack.

Before Traralgon Cyber Shack when e-commerce this menu had been refined and rehashed a few times but in the end was not incorporated into their e-commerce site.

(Menu links have been disabled)

Snap Crackle And Pop

This Flash creation was designed by Krafty for the first Snap Crackle & Pop e-commerce site.

This animation also got used the Snap Crackle And Pop tv commercial and all subsequent web advertising where flash was allowed.

Snap Crackle And Pop

Created for the revamped Snap Crackle & Pop jigsaw e-commerce site.

This animation was used until Snap Crackle & Pop ceased interests in online trading.

Wonder Words

Created in 2007 for the new Wonder Words V2.0 and used in all online and email advertising.

ParkleaPets Online Store.

Before Flash was mainstream animations were made with a series of still graphical images.

This was an early creation of Krafty Presentations & Graphics for the online Pet shop.

animated van image by Krafty

Animated "The Angels" logo

Made for a Muso Network advertising banner circa 1997

Animated Angles logo animated By Krafty

Animated Skeleton.

Animated skeleton created by Krafty for the Muso Network website in 1998.

Animated skeleton by Krafty

Valhalla Website banner

This was created in 1998 for the first ever Valhalla website. Animated graphics and graphic designs have come a long way.

Valhalla website banner by Krafty

Animated Aeroplane.

This aeroplane image has been around so long we can't even remember what it was created for.

Animated aeroplane by Krafty

Spinning Gold Star

Like the aeroplane above this star has been around so long it's original use was forgotten

Animated Back Button

Created for the Electric Gypsy website in 1998.

Animated Back button by Krafty

The Electric Gypsy

To finish the page of one of our most used graphic designs became animated in 2001 as lightning was added to the Electric Gypsy.

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