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E-commerce Clients

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we understand that all businesses have a budget, even those wanting to trade online.

Since 2000 when we created our first online shopping system we've strived to provide affordable e-commerce solutions that work.

We don't just make up a price based on the industry standard then add another zero, we discuss your needs, your online goals and how best to achieve those goals.

Whether you need to sell one item or thousands of items if you have been bamboozled by the number of zeros in your latest e-commerce design quote talk to Krafty Presentations & Graphics and see just what is possible with a design company that understands the needs of small business.

Shown below are some of the e-commerce sites created by Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

Summer Spirit Pool Shop

Our first ever e-commerce website created for Summer Spirit Pool Shop in 2000.

Created using and animated water background, Java, Javascript and Pearl this website was written from scratch specifically for the client.

The website included more than 500 listed items, each with descriptions and multiple images and an encrypted credit card capable checkout system.

Also incorporated into the website were 87 "How To" guides covering every aspect of caring for your swimming pool.

At the time this site was one of the largest e-commerce sites in Australia and had a subscriber list of over 1700 people.

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Summer Spirit Pool Shop site design by Krafty

Parklea Pets Online Store

Following in the steps of Summer Spirit Parklea Pets contracted Krafty Presentations & Graphics to design their e-commerce store in 2001

Built around the same java and Pearl based shopping system but not as large the online Pet store listed just over 100 items.

There was handy hints and tips for looking after a wide variety of pets, a built in gifting system and animated images.

This site while on a smaller scale than our first e-commerce site was one of the first online pet stores in the country.

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Parkles Pets online store by Krafty

Shop24Hour Online

Created in 2002 using the same java/Pearl back bone Shop24Hour was an example of e-commerce done on a budget.

The team at Shop24Hour came to Krafty Presentations & Graphics asking for something plain and simple to showcase their range of imported products.

Despite being built to a budget this website still contained over 300 items, individual descriptions and a secure checkout.

There may have been nothing fancy about the Shop24Hour e-commerce site but at less than a tenth of what many large design agencies charge for an e-commerce site in todays market it was effective and it worked.

Click image to enlarge

Shop24Hour Website by Krafty

Snap Crackle & Pop Online store

Snap Crackle & Pop called upon Krafty Presentations & Graphics in 2007 after becoming frustrated with their pervious web design company who promised the world but only delivered invoices.

The e-commerce world had changed dramatically since our first attack in 2000 and by the time we were ready to begin work on the Snap Crackle & Pop web store programming had also changed.

Utilising PHP and smarty forms Krafty Presentations & Graphics began our largest creation ever, a 2300+ item store selling jigsaws, board games and models.

Pictured to the right is Snap Crackle & Pop v2.0 a revamped and cut back site concentrating only on jigsaws. There was still in excess of 1000 items listed on the site however with the revamp the focus had just moved slightly and it stayed that way until the company ceased trading in 2011.

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Snap Crackle & Pop Website by Krafty

Traralgon Cyber Shack E-commerce website

Traralgon Cyber Shack e-commerce website v1.0 was first created in 2005 and went live in 2006.

Krafty Presentations & Graphics designed the Traralgon Cyber Shack online store with the customer in mind.

Easy to navigate menus, detailed images, descriptive text for each item and single page checkout system all combined to make the user experience a good one.

Traralgon Cyber Shack e-commerce store and its backend was the base we used to help design many other e-commerce stores.

Click image to enlarge

Traralgon Cyber Shack Website by Krafty

Sun and Snow E-commerce Site

In 2008 Sun and Snow contracted Krafty Presentations & Graphics to help them control the back end of their e-commerce store.

When Krafty moved in the heavy equipment the site was operational so the design you see (other than a few cosmetic items) is not from our studios.

With Sun and Snow webstore using a pre made shopping cart system Krafty's time was spent installing scripts to make the site run better and modifying templates to make the customer experience a better one.

Click image to enlarge

Sun and Snow Website by Krafty

Embroodles E-commerce Webstore

In 2008 Krafty Presentations & Graphics went global as word of or work spread all the way to Canada.

The Embroodles online webstore was another pre made shopping system mostly built when we moved in and offering only digital downloads.

Our big focus on this site was installing scripts, assisting with the electronic download system and major SEO work.

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Embroodles ecommerce website by Krafty