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Logos come in many varieties and are used for many different purposes.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we've been creating logos for business, for companies, for bands and for websites since our earliest days.

Below is some of those logos.

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Chippies and Chompers

The first ever commercial logo designed by Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

This logo was created for a local fish and chip shop in 1994.

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Krafty Designed fish and chip logo

Krafty Farm Assistant

From our first to one of our more recent designs.

The Krafty Farm Assistant logo has been adapted several times for different applications but this is the original.

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Krafty Farm Assistant logo by Krafty

Burning Desires

Flaming logo created for the heavy metal band Burning Desires.

Created for the first Burning Desires CD in 2003 and used on all promotional material from that day.

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Burning Desires Logo By Krafty

Traralgon Cyber Shack

Krafty Presentations & Graphics first created the Traralgon Cyber Shack logo in 1995.

This version first appeared in 1997 and was used for printed and television adverts then printed on t-shirts.

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Traralgon Cyber Shack logo By Krafty

Corporate Golf Images

Another design from our archive.

Corporate Golf Images commissioned Krafty Presentations & Graphics for their graphic and website design in 1997

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Corporate Golf Images logo designed by Krafty

Kate Von Rock

Logo created for the Kate Von Rock website.

Self portrait incorporated into this logo was designed by Kate and digitised to fit the website logo.

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Kate Von Rock logo by Krafty

Karterz Cottage

Logo designed for Karterz Cottage in 2006.

This logo was designed for labels and printed documents used in the Karterz Cottage small business.

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Karterz Cottage logo by Krafty

Golf On Course

Golf On Course was a short lived golfing website designed by Krafty for Corporate Golf Images.

This 1997 creation appeared on their website for 18 months before the project was shelved.

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Golf On Course logo by Krafty

Valhalla circa 2002

Produced by Krafty Presentations & Graphics for Valhalla promotional adverts and websites in 2002

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Valhalla logo by Krafty

The Electric Gypsy

Before he was Bradley Von Rock he was The Electric Gypsy, this logo was created for his first ever website in 1997.

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The Electric Gypsy Logo by Krafty

Brendon's Lighting

Created for Brendon's Lighting shop in 1996.

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Bendon's Lighting Logo by Krafty
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