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Miscellaneous Design Work by Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

During the past 18 years Krafty Presentations & Graphics have produced many different graphic designs.

We've produced graphic designs for a wide variety of projects from our earliest designs for shops and bands to delivery vans and even small plane livery.

The links below show just some of the designs that may or may not appear elsewhere on this site, but are designs we are proud of.

Because they are graphic intensive we've split the pages up into smaller sections.

Some images may appear misaligned on some browsers (especially mobile browsers).


For as long as there has been animations on website Krafty Presentations & Graphics have been using them.

To see some of those animations see

Banners and Website headers

Whether it's a banners to advertise or a graphic header to introduce a website at Krafty Presentations & Graphics we've been creating them for years.

For more of our banners and headers see our

Krafty Designed Banners and website headers


Just like web banners and graphic headers we've created a lot of logos. Some have been used on websites, some on band promotions and some just in printed adverts.

A list of some of our more popular logos can be seen on our

Krafty Designed logos

Digital Imagery

Most graphic designs would have a collection of images either not used, used in obscure places, or designs that have long since been forgotten.

At Krafty Presentation & Graphics we are no different, our servers are chock full of 18 years worth of graphic designs.

Some of those images are shown on our

Krafty Designed digital images and graphics