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Client Testimonials.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we do many things differently however the one thing we do have in common with other web and graphic designers is that we appreciate the praise we get for our work.

Below is just some of the nice things our clients have said about our work.

Bradley Von Rock

I'm Bradley Von Rock and my company is Von Rock Music (Meekmusic). My business specialises in live and recorded music production, event and band management. Krafty Presentations & Graphics have been my exclusive web and graphic design company since 1998.

Throughout the entire time they have provided to me, an incredible web marketing service, design of web pages, purchasing of web addresses, concept design, photography sourcing and graphic design of all our printed media like CD's tapes, and flyers.

Since our introduction my company has been involved with the release of a multitude of music releases and Krafty has been instrumental in the design and marketing of all our products. One such album release was my 2004 solo CD "Sir Bradley Von Rock Volume 1" which lead to session work with the likes of Phil and Kate Ceberano, David Campbell, Jon Stevens among others.

Krafty's concept and design lead to my product having a contemporary and impacting visual look, which is essential in a extremely competitive market. The attention of the right people therefore was grabbed which lead to increased financial and professional rewards.

I continually work with Krafty for all my web and graphic services and highly recommend his services for quick, responsive, creative and continually improving services! Krafty works hard and goes above and beyond to take pride in not only his own but my own work!

Highly recommended!

Bradley Von Rock testimonial image By Krafty

Henry Jackson

I first met Krafty back in 2001 when he lobbed into my office with a huge range of concert flyers and adverts with the idea that he could talk me into a large scale advertising campaign.

I remember being impressed by the quality of the adverts, all formatted correctly, aesthetically brilliant and immediately ready to be sent to the typesetter. While the concert flyers were of standard we just hadn't seen from a small design firm. That was the start of a long standing relationship.

Fast forward 11 years and despite all the graphic designs and artwork I had seen over my 14 years in the advertising industry it was Krafty's designs which I remembered fondly, so fondly in fact that he was the first person I hunted down to design my debut album Speed Bump Ahead.

Typically concert flyers came next and as an overall package from Krafty I couldn't be happier. If there is a second album you can guarantee it will be a Krafty Presentations & Graphics creation.

Henry Jackson testimonial image by Krafty

Wonder Words

I created Wonder Words V1.0 using Publisher. I'm no web designer but I did know that I needed something better, so I got in touch with Krafty Presentations & Graphics and asked Krafty to come up with Wonder Words V2.0.

Throughout every stage of the development process, Krafty provided me with great advice and honest opinions without confusing me with technical jargon. Although I made numerous requests for changes, nothing was ever too much trouble and if he didn't think my suggestions would work, he told me why it wouldn't work without making me feel stupid and then suggested other ways I could do what I wanted. When you are not an expert, you really need to feel that you are working with someone who listens and respects your wishes and Krafty did just that. He was always prompt and I knew I'd found someone I could trust and rely upon.

I got the site I wanted and when I want to change it again, I'll definitely be calling on Krafty. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Wonder Words testimonial image by Krafty

Twisted Reality

Not only did Krafty give us the album cover we wanted but he was able to adapt to our "Twisted Reality" and even our silliest suggestions were heard.

It's obviously not easy working with a bunch of guys and gals who think they are heavy metal gods (and goddess') but Krafty managed to not only deal with us but keep us happy as well.

Twisted Reality testimonial image by Krafty

Snap Crackle & Pop

Having had major problems with our previous website designer who promised the world and forgot to deliver we knew we needed something better and with our partially created first site under our arms we went about researching all our local designers and Krafty Presentations & Graphics were one of the first who came to mind.

Despite looking at other designers it was Krafty Presentations & Graphics we returned to.

The quality of Krafty's work, the attention to detail and the knowledge shown to us was impressive. Krafty's abilities to create professional and original websites and handle all our advertising needs were clear from the onset and we knew after our first meeting that we had found our web designer.

Snap Crackle & Pop testimonial Image by Krafty

Burning Desires

Having seen the work Krafty Presentations & Graphics did for BVR and Valhalla with both cd's and promotional posters it was clear to us who we needed to produce our band's CD covers.

Not only was Krafty able to achieve the design we were after but through his previous experience was able to correctly format and setup up all our designs to meet the printing companies standards for printed covers and booklets first time.

Krafty's professionalism also saw him dealing direct with the printers on all matters related to artwork saving us time and effort which we were able to put back into our recording sessions.

When it comes to releasing album number 3 for Burning Desires we will be sure to call on Krafty again!

Burning Desires testimonial image by Krafty