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Website Banners and Graphic Headers.

We have been designing graphic banners and headers for as long as we've been designing websites.

The graphical header being used at the top of each page on a website is an integral part of a website and getting it right is of utmost importance.

Shown below are just some of those graphical headers that we've created, and some barmy advertising banners to go with it.

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Krafty Farm Assistant

Starting out with on of our own, the graphic header for Krafty Farm Assistant.

This header has appeared at the top of every Krafty Farm Assistant website.

Krafty Famr Assistant Website header by Krafty

The National Navara Ute Muster

This graphical header was created for the Navara Ute Muster website.

This design also went on to became an advertising banner for use on other websites and a sticker handed out to members.

Navara Ute Muster graphic created by Krafty

Traralgon Cyber Shack

Graphical header by Traralgon Cyber Shack during there 15 year anniversary sales.

Krafty Presentations & Graphics created this version of the TCS banner and included a scrolling sales message in the logo so it could also be used as a banner on other sites.

Traralgon Cyber Shack logo created by Krafty

Summer Spirit Pool Shop

Created in 2000 this website header was adapted from separate printed images and combined into one large header and banner.

Krafty Presentations & Graphics digitised it, change it and made it one complete banner for use in all their advertising.

Summer Spirit banner created by Krafty

Snap Crackle And Pop

Krafty designed this image as the header for the first ever Snap Crackle and Pop website, but it was quickly relegated to a web banner and used for advertising as Krafty Presentations & Graphics took Snap Crackle and Pop into the e-commerce world.

Snap Crackle & Pop header created by Krafty

Gippsland Physiotherapy

Krafty Presentation & Graphics initially won the contract for the revamped Gippsland Physio website in 2006 and this graphical header and menu system was created for that site.

Gippsland Physio banner created by Krafty

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines

Website header incorporating drop down menus created by Krafty Presentations & Graphics for Latrobe Valley Bus lines in 2006.

LVBL banner created by Krafty

Summer Spirit Website banner

Krafty Presentations & Graphics created this web banner for the Summer Spirit Pool Shop in 2000.

Screens and websites were a bit smaller in those days and this image shows just how much digital images have changed.

Sumemr Spirit Pool Shop Banner created by Krafty

The Electric Gypsy Banner.

A creation from 1999 for the Electric Gypsy.

Tide To Fishing.

Produced for what was once one of our busiest websites this graphical header is showing it's ages these days.

Tide To Fishing logo created by Krafty

InvestorWeb website banner

Primitive by toady's standard but this banner was created by Krafty Presentations & Graphics for the Australian Investor website in 2000.

InvestorWeb Banner created by Krafty

Buzz Magazine Header

Created way back in 1997 this header was created for Buzz Magazine a street press magazine from the suburbs of Melbourne.

Buzz Magazine header by Krafty

Banner made for Australian Investor

It's been so long since we created this banner we can't remember who it was for but we know it was used on the Australian Investor website in 2000.

Banner created by Krafty
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