TCS Computer Parts

At TCS Computers we don't keep a mountain of stock piled up collecting dust until someone wants it. We also don't dropship around the country just for the sake of selling some extra parts.

We prefer to keep our clientèle local, we've done it that way for more than 25 years and we see no reason to change now.

Sure we tried the e-commerce route but too often it took us away from our roots and made supporting our local clients all the more difficult. Keeping things local and keeping business in Gippsland is more important to us than selling a few computers to someone in Alice Springs. After all it's locals that helped keep us in business for 25 years so it's the locals that deserve our support.

But don't let the lack of on-line trading give the impression we can't supply you with the parts you need. We can supply parts from most of the world's leading IT brands. We also supply many of the same parts other computer stores do.

What sets us apart is that for our local Gippslanders we provide you with after sales service and support beyond what most retail stores and retail salesmen can, because we don't sell you a box and forget what's in it.

We know what's in the box. We know how it works, and how to keep it working.

Prices at our suppliers change daily, therefore we are happy to quote daily. If you need a new graphics card, or a new monitor, or a complete system, simply contact us and we'll give you the latest price.

What Parts Can We Supply?

At TCS Computers we can supply pretty much anything other IT stores sell.

From Motherboards to CPUS. From Hard Drives to USB drives. From graphics cards to the highest grade monitors. If you've seen it advertised elsewhere chances are we can get it.

All the parts we sell come with full manufacturers warranties, while on parts we install we also offer a full guarantee on the work done.

We supply only quality IT parts, no fly-by-night brand names.

We don't just sell boxed goods and because we understand those parts are we can support every item we sell.

And unlike some stores in Gippsland who claim to be experts but send your computer away to Melbourne or Sydney for even the simplest repair job, we fix systems we supply locally.


At TCS Computers we offer an extensive range of mother boards from leading brands and companies.

Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Sever boards, if you need a motherboard we can get it.

Socket 1150, Socket 1151, Socket 2066, Socket AM4, Socket TR4, Socket TRX40, no matter whether you prefer Intel or AMD we can get you the motherboard to suit your requirements.

Document server, games server, home server, again it doesn't matter what the purpose, if you need a server board just ask what we can get.

So whether you have a specific board in mind, or whether you would like us to help with your choice TCS Computers can help.


There might only be two leading manufacturers of CPUs but it's still one of the hardest fought markets in the world.

Whether you have a preference for a particular chip. Whether you have a budget and need to stick to it. Or whether you just want the best bang for your computer dollar, we can assist. We know the chip market and we've followed it for more than 25 years.

So if you want your next computer to be an AMD powerhouse or if you want it to be an Intel powerhouse we can give your next computer the chip to make it deliver.

Graphics Cards

The job of the graphic card for many is no longer to simply put images on the screen, it's and integeral part of the gaming system that can mean the difference between enjoyment and just another game.

Gamers have their choices, they have the brands they are loyal too and they have graphics systems, not just pictures on a screen.

At TCS Computers we understand what gamers want, what they need and how to achieve that. Refresh rate, FPS, Nvidia, GeForce, Radeon such terms may not mean much to everyone, but if they mean something to you, we can help!

But that doesn't mean we don't also talk your language if you do simply want a graphics card that puts images on your screen. Because we understand that not all computer users are gamers, some use their computers for working, some simply for email and for those people we can still help.

We only stock the leading brands of graphics cards to ensure that no matter what your requirements we've got you covered.


Of course we remember when monitors only came in sizes smaller than 14 inches and came housed in huge plastic boxes that took up half the desk, but a lot has changed since then.

Now days 17 inches is considered small in free standing monitors, but not only that today monitors come in flat screen, curved screen, wall mountable, high definition, ultra wide and touch screen.

At TCS Computers we have our preference in screens just like every gamer does. That is why we sell a wide range from all the leading brands like Asus, Viewsonic, LG, Samsung, Acer and MSI but we can get even more.

So if you need a 4K monitor, if you need 300Hz monitor, if you need a curved monitor, or if you need one so large it's like looking at the MCG video screen from your desk, give us a call.

We also stock all the accessories you could ever need to go with your monitor, stands, pens, mounts anything you need!


Hard Drives, optical drives, external drives, we can get them all.

Whether you need a spinning platter drive or a solid state drive TCS Computers can get it.

If you don't know what the difference between those two are, we can help you understand.

Hard drives for any purpose, optical drives for any media, even USB and portable drives for external and portable storage. If you need it we can supply it.

Cases and Cooling

There aren't many computers out there that don't need a case to house all those wonderful goodies. But are you a gamer that loves to show off how sexy their machine is, or do you just require a box to keep all those parts in one place?

Do you need an ATX case, a Micro ATX or a Mini ITX? Do you want a mid tower or a full tower?

It doesn't matter because TCS Computers can supply all sorts of cases. From the standard black case, to a colourful option, to the full on gaming experience, to a server, we can help.

We also sell fans and cooling blocks and for those who take their computer really serious we can also supply cases and parts for water cooling.

Printers and Peripherals

At TCS Computers we also selling many leading brands of printers and scanners.

Laser printers, mono printers, colour printers, ink-jet printers, large format printers, multifunction printers, scanners, barcode scanners, even thermal printing devices.

We've been authorised stockist of some brands for more than 20 years.

So whether you print invoices or school work, portfolios or photographs, we can help you choose the right printer and scanner for you needs.

We can also sell barcode scanner and point of sale systems for businesses and shops!

Keyboards, Mice, the works

Of course we sell keyboards, mice and other such pointing devices.

We also sell cameras, UPS, TV Tuner cards, speakers and headphones.

And if that isn't enough feel free to ask us about gaming accessories like steering wheels, pedals and specialist gaming chairs!

What else?

As well as just about any part or accessory you might need for your computer we also offer something else many stores can't match.

We offer Gippslanders simply the best service and support any company can offer.

If you buy a complete system from us we support it with in house delivery, extensive phone support and if you have issues that can't be fixed over the phone or email we'll come to you to fix it.

We don't format away errors and problems hoping that you've backed up your important files, we don't send your machine away for the simplest of repairs. We provide you with a full and comprehensive service.