TCS Computer Support

You don't get to 25 years in business, no matter what industry you work in, without the support of loyal customers and clients.

But you don't get a loyal customer base without supporting those customers and clients either!

Support is more than just waiting around for the phone to ring and hoping that it's the client you sold something too. It's more than sitting around hoping that the someone who used your service once remembers how to contact you when they need something else.

TCS Computers Support is not just selling you a computer and waiting until it needs upgrading before we contact you again.

At TCS Computers we offer a variety of support options and categories. As we've said before "if you buy it from us we support it!" Whether that support is simply help making something work or full blown software training TCS Computers has you covered, not just for the period of the warranty but for EVERYTHING!

Warranty Support

At TCS Computers we only use the highest quality parts, but even with high quality items problems do sometimes arise, that's why there is warranties.

Every part, every peripheral, every item that we sell comes with a full manufacturers warranty. Their terms may vary, their times may vary, but they are all sold by TCS with the support of those manufacturers warranties.

Where possible we service and replace those parts in our workshop under manufacturers guidelines. In the rare case that the parts or peripherals we use do need to be returned to the manufacturer we deal direct with that manufacturer, it is not left to the customer.

For parts we install, for computers we build and for work we do, we also offer a warranty so that no matter what work we do for you you are covered.

This warranty support is backed up by 24/7 email and phone support. And of course we come to you if there is any problems that can't be fixed via email or phone!

Upgrade Support

Repeat business and returning customers are a business's best friend.

At TCS Computers some of our customers have been with us since 1994 when we first started selling and repairing computers.

Whether you've been a client for two decades or two weeks the one thing that is guaranteed is that you'll receive upgrade support beyond what any other store can offer.

So whether you need a new scanner to go with the system we sold you last month, or you need a complete upgrade of the system we sold you 10 years ago, as a returning customer you'll receive our priority Upgrade Support.

What is Upgrade Support?

It's a priority service to all current and previous TCS Computers customers where all parts are discounted and all servicing and labor fees are offered at a discount rate.

There is no registration fees, no on going charges, all you need to do to receive this service from us is be a returning customer.

Bought Elsewhere Support

You might not have realised that TCS Computers offers Gippsland computer users the best sales, service and support before you visited this site.

That's fine, we understand, however that doesn't stop you from receiving the same support our other customers do.

In fact even if you did purchase your computer from one of those chain stores where sales means more than service we encourage you to try our service.

We can't do anything about their warranties, even if the parts are faulty, but we can offer you the best service, support and the piece of mind that you're dealing with the best local service and support team available.

In fact if you try out our service on a machine you've bought elsewhere and had no satisfaction with and we can't do better than the other store, we'll happily give you...

... directions back to that other store. How fair is that?

Software Training and Support

What about software training and support we hear you ask?

Well it goes without saying that if we sold you the software, then we can support it.

From operating systems to word processors to graphics programs to payroll systems if the package was bought from us we will do everything we can to support it. Software can be expensive so we won't just sell you a box with a DVD in it, or a digital license for a software package that any store can on-sell. Where you need it we'll help you run that software.

Try getting that sort of support from any other computer store small or large in Gippsland!

How about software not bought from us?

We'll give anything a go! At TCS Computers we've trained a wide variety of people in a wide variety of software packages. From home users just wanting to learn more about the computers to specific courses in the likes of email and web browsing. From small business to large business and from Local Government departments to Federal Government departments. Over the last 25 years we've trained a lot of people, we organised training courses and we've completed government registered courses to train government staff. So of course no matter what kind of software support you require TCS Computers can help.