TCS Computer Software

It's all good and well to have the latest computer. It's all good and well to have the system of your dreams. But what good is that system without having the correct software?

Microsoft, Adobe, Corel. Operating system, graphic design, video editing, payroll. Anti-virus, firewall, games. The software you need depends on exactly what you use your computer for.

At TCS Computers we understand and are experienced in all of the software we sell. We've spent decades testing software and working out which packages work best for which purposes.

But software comes in many different forms these days. Physical media, downloaded to your computer from a CD or DVD, software run from the cloud, Digital licenses, even fully functioning free software.

That's right FREE software. Legal, licensed for both business and personal use and free of charge. How many other computer stores are willing to offer FREE and legal software that they can't make money off?

Prices at our suppliers change daily, therefore we are happy to quote daily. If you need a new graphics card, or a new monitor, or a complete system, simply contact us and we'll give you the latest price.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10 is the new industry standard.

It's stable, it provides the base for everything from games to databases and from email to video editing.

At TCS Computers we've been exclusively using Microsoft Windows since Windows 3.1 and we've been supporting Microsoft Windows on every platform from home based computers to enterprise systems since Windows95.

We are not only experience in Microsoft Windows but in the last 25 years we've also been Microsoft certified resellers, preferred resellers and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.

We don't just use and install Microsoft Windows we've taken the time to learn it, understand it and get the most from it.

Office Suites

Just about everyone has heard of Microsoft Office. The Office suite has been the go-to standard suite of applications for many home and business users for many years.

Word processing, databasing, spreadsheets, email, Microsoft Office is used by more people than any other office suite of applications. But it's also expensive and with cloud computing and software companies giving end users less options when it comes to owning physical copies of software is it the only choice?

Not at all!.

There is now multiple companies offering comparable products for free and not just for home users but for business users as well.

LibreOffice, WPS Office and even Google Docs now offer comparable options and they are FREE!

At TCS computers we can install, train and support many of these free applications. So if you don't want to be tied to a cloud, outlay large licensing fees, and need something simple and easy just ask!

Of course if it's Microsoft Office you really need, we can supply and support that as well because we have been doing it for 25 years!

Graphic Design and Video Editing

Perhaps you're computer needs lay more in the area of graphic design or maybe even video editing.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Corel PhotoImpact, even free software like GIMP at TCS Computers we can recommend and support them all because we use them on a daily basis.

The same goes for video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Corel VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio, we've been into professional video editing since before it was done on computers.

So if you have a specific software need. If you want the best from your graphic design. Or if you want to edit video like a pro, don't just buy a computer and hope for the best. Buy from TCS and get everything you need from sales to support.

Anti-virus and Firewall options

Some estimates suggest that a brand new computer without any protection would last less than 30 minutes connected to the Internet before it was infected with some sort of bug or virus.

Whether that is nothing more than Anti-virus company spin to sell more products or not remains to be seen, but the truth is the more time spent on-line the more vulnerable a computer is to attack.

It doesn't matter if it's a virus, a hack, a phishing attack, no one wants to have their computer infected. And while Windows Defender does an admirable job, there is better out there.

We've tested many of the most popular anti-virus and firewall suites from brands like Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and BitDefender and while we might have our favourite we can still sell and support many other products.

If you need the extra protection an Anti-virus and Firewall suite offers, talk to TCS Computers today about which package could be right for you.

Web Browsers and Email Clients

What about free software like web browsers and email clients?

At TCS Computers we might well be certified Microsoft technicians but we understand that not everyone wants to use Microsoft Edge to surf the net and Microsoft Outlook to read their email.

There is hundreds of browsers and email clients out there today and while we don't claim to know every one we do know the main ones.

Firefox, Waterfox, Opera, Chrome, Gmail, Thunderbird are just some of the software applications out there to make life easier and we can support them all.

Other stores hope you just accept what's installed but at TCS while we'll never upsell a free product we will support it.

Games and Other Software

Games, the are the biggest selling product in the computer industry and while there is no way we can keep stock of every game released we can get many of them as special orders.

The same goes for many other specialist areas.

Do you need Payroll or accounting software? We've supported local businesses with payroll for years and we still have connections with some of the leading companies supplying such software so we can offer you the best price and service available.

What about music editing? PDF reading and editing? E-book readers? File transfer? File compression? Even web design!

Just because the software is free does not mean we can't install it for you on a new computer. But most of all if we install it we will support it as well.