TCS Computer Servicing

With so many people reliant on computers and computer accessories any neatly dressed penguin in a suit can sell a computer. But how many of those so called 'experts' actually understand enough about what they are selling to keep it operating?

Servicing isn't just selling you a new computer because your computer's age is higher than the chain store salesperson's IQ.

Servicing isn't taking more money from the customer to upgrade parts that don't need it simply because the computer seems 'slow'.

Servicing is about making sure the customer gets the best value for their dollar. It's about ensuring everything they buy operates to the best of it's ability, and it's about ensuring that computers work for you not the other way around.

At TCS Computers we've been servicing computers for 25 years, we've never sent computers away to a third party to have them serviced.

Hardware Servicing

Computers are one of the biggest dust collectors in the home or office. Left unchecked for too long any computer, notebook or laptop becomes a home for dust bunnies and other lurgies.

Horror stories of dead mice and other such creatures curled up in the warm dust of a computer power supply are not common but they can happen.

Fans control the temperature of your computer's CPU, they control the temperature of the power supply and they control air flow through the case. If any one of those gets clogged with dust there is the potential to slow, or even damage your machine.

But dust, dirt and bugs don't only get into your computer, they also get into printers, keyboards, everything you use.

What about that coffee you accidentally spilled on your expensive new keyboard? Don't throw it out without first seeing if we can service it and make it like new.

Software Servicing

What is software servicing?

Well it's probably not a real thing but just like your hardware needs to be looked after so does your software.

The hard drive in your machine works pretty hard whenever it's turned on. Files get moved, files get changed, files grow and shrink in size. Programs get installed and programs get deleted.

All these read, write and re-write actions do take a toll on your system. Files left over from removed programs become orphaned and simply take up space. Old emails and old disused files get scattered around the hard disk and just take up space and often slow down your computer.

Then there is the Windows Registry, it gets clogged up with the information it needs to keep, let alone having to sort through the what it doesn't. Does the salesdroid at the large chain store selling coffee machines when no one is in the computer section even know what the Windows Registry does or how to clean it of unneeded information?

At TCS Computers we do and that is why we offer an in-house servicing service that other stores can't.

We don't format away your problems, losing your data and files, we do whatever it takes to fix the problems.

Virus Removal

If your computer is on the Internet it's inevitable that one day a virus or other such annoyance will find its way onto your system.

Virus scanners, Firewalls, Anti-trackers, Anti-spam, Ransomware checkers and threat detectors, all serve a purpose but none of them protect a computer from everything out there.

At TCS Computers we don't ask how the bug got onto the system, most computer owners don't even know. We simply fix the problem.

Of course some problems are beyond a simple repair, some bugs are so dangerous they can completely erase a hard drive! If that's the case restoration may be the only option.

However it doesn't matter what your computer has been infected with because TCS Computers are here to help. We'll work with you to ensure as much data is rescued as possible and we'll only ever format away issues as a last resort, unlike other store who choose it as a first resort then charge you for the privilege of not wasting their time.

So if you've been hit but an unwanted computer bug, been phished, been hacked, or had your defenses breached talk to TCS Computers today.

What Else Do We Offer?

What else do we offer that other stores wont or can't match?

Well that's easy, we offer an in-house service where we will come to you, diagnose your computer problem and make you aware of what needs to be done, in clear and easy to understand terminology. We'll also give you cost of service, if your the servicing falls outside our warranty terms and conditions and a time frame for that service.

If there are problems that are simply easier and quicker to remove on our test benches you will be advised of the problem, the tasks needed to be undertaken and the cost, before your computer is disconnected.

And if your computer needs to be brought back to our workshop of course it will be delivered back to where we picked it up from free of charge.

In the unlikely event that our parts do fail beyond repairable stage and require being returned to the manufacturer under their warranty, you will again be notified of the problem and the repair time.

If you didn't purchase your computer from TCS Computers that doesn't mean we can't, or wont repair it. Our 'better than the rest' repair costs, our in-house service and quality service extended to any computer from any store. We may not honor other stores warranties, especially since they can't match ours, but we can repair any computer bought at any store.