Graphic Design

Every company starts somewhere and for Krafty Presentations & Graphics that start was in graphic design and printed advertising.

It started with images for promotional adverts and newspapers, it quickly moved on to television adverts, then it moved to covers for CDs & DVDs. From there it's gone in all sorts of different directions.

However CD covers became a big part of our portfolio and below is just some of the (low resolution) examples of our work for different musicians and bands.

More of our work can be seen in the Miscellaneous Designs section.

With so much design work under our belt it's clear that no matter what design work you need Krafty Presentations & Graphics can produce it.

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Henry Jackson - Speed Bump Ahead

Our relationship with Henry Jackson began back in 2001 when he was an advertising agent & Krafty Presentations & Graphics were running several large ad campaigns for small businesses in Sydney.

In 2012 with advertising long forgotten Henry embarked on a new career as a country singer/songwriter, but he didn't forget Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

Keeping it simple was Henry's goal with his self produced and promoted opus. With that in mind this is what Krafty Presentations & Graphics came up with.

Bradley Von Rock V2

This endeavour was to be the long awaited second solo album for Bradley Von Rock.

Created as a reflection of the psychedelic life that is Bradley Von Rock, the cover shows Bradley at home amongst the roses on the front and the artistic talents of Kate Von Rock adorning the back.

Artwork for this cover was also produced with a contrasting black background used for a small run of "limited edition" copies.

Twisted Reality - The Assassin

This independently released album was a bit of a rush job for Krafty Presentations & Graphics after the bands previous designer pulled out at the last minute.

But with only 36 hours to get something together before the printer was expecting his proofs we jumped on the Twisted Reality train and together with the guys and gals from the band worked out a completely new concept and design.

The tongue in cheek idea showing an assassin hunting rabbits was befitting of the band who approached song writing, and life, with a similar attitude.

Burning Desires

Another example of one of our long standing relationships.

Burning Desires first contracted Krafty Presentations & Graphics in 2003 to produce their first full length album The White House Effect.

Stage banners, flyers and promotional posters followed then in 2008 Krafty Presentations & Graphics was once again called for the graphic design of Government Downfall.

Bradley Von Rock Vol 1

2005 was the year that Sir Bradley Von Rock set out to reinvent himself & his music, again he wanted the best so he called Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

Using photographs from the BVR collection Krafty took the images, digitised them, added some flare, added some pizazz and came up with what you see here.

Despite being nearly 8 years from its original creation the "wings" logo which had become synonymous with Bradley was again incorporated into this design.

Valhalla - The Only Thing Missing Is U

An early album cover featuring a 14 page booklet of graphic design work by Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

Hailing from Victoria and with a huge cult following throughout the hard rock scene Valhalla knew they wanted the best and that is what they got when they hired Krafty.

Removed from this image, (due to reflections on the scanner), the final production of this cover included a mirrored silhouette on the right hand side so that when looking at it The Only Thing Missing longer U.

Bradley 1999

Bradley 1999! The impressive and acclaimed debut solo album from the best musician to emerge from the Melbourne underground in 1999.

This album was the first appearance of the classic angelic wings logo created by Krafty and is to this day one of our most recognised creations. It still remains a favorite of ours.

A couple more random covers

Aberration – Achromatize

This one is straight out of the archives, it predates all other album covers by Krafty Presentations & Graphics. Aberration called upon Krafty in late 1996 to create their first demo cover.

Martians On Ice

Krafty Presentation's & Graphics creation for Martians On Ice.