TCS Mobile Computing

Mobile computing takes on many forms in today's busy world. No longer is work conducted only in the office or at a desk with a name plaque and a photograph of a smiling family you're too busy to spend time with.

In today's world people need to be mobile, while at the same time still having the computing power they would have at the office.

People need and want to be connected to corporate networks at home, or mobile networks when they aren't.

But it's not just office workers. Gamers, students, even travelers roaming the country want the ability to check emails, organise happy snaps, do homework, or just be entertained.

Mobile phones are handy, but if you need real computing power you need a laptop or notebook computer and at TCS Computers we have an extensive range of devices suitable for many different applications.

So talk to us today about how we can keep you mobile and connected at the same time.

Laptops and Notebooks

Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks. Laptops for games, laptops for business, laptops for entertainment.

The range is massive and that's why it's important to talk to an expert who understands your needs and how you use your computer.

Need something powerful that can handle the tasks of a desktop? Need something with the graphics to make the latest games play seamlessly? Or do you just need something to check email while on the road?

Talk to us about your requirements and we can come up with a range of options to suit your budget.

Our Windows laptops come in many configurations. AMD, Intel processors. Screens from 12.5" to 17.3". Dedicated Graphics or integrated graphics. Large capacity storage or external storage. Long battery life, or full on power machines. No matter what your needs makes TCS your first stop when you need a new mobile computer.

Tablet Computers

Do you need something more powerful than a mobile phone but not as powerful as a dedicated laptop?

Perhaps a tablet computer suits your needs better?

Tablets have come a long way and these days the processing power contained in a screen you can hold in your hand is stuff only Sci-Fi dreams were made of 15 years ago.

Whether you want to run the latest Windows or the latest Android at TCS we have a tablet to suit your needs.

We can get tablets from Lenovo, Asus, and Mircosoft.

We can get screen sizes from 8" up to 13.5".

So whether you just want to play Candy Crush (while waiting for your next meeting of course!). Or if you need something that can help you work, help you stay in contact, even help you navigate, talk to us at TCS Computers.

Mobile Computing Accessories

As a full service outlet for all your computing needs of course we also sell the accessories and peripherals to ensure your mobile computing experience is a good one.

Like most stores we can supply bags, mice, keyboards, screens, external storage, external drives, speakers, printers and any other common extra, but what about those harder to get items?

Items like docking stations, stands, cooling pads, power adapters, batteries, Kensignton locks, screen pens, screen protectors, even fingerprint readers.

Well of course we can get those too!

Plus you have the added peace of mind that if you purchase from TCS Computer we also understand and support whatever item you need.

Other Options

We also offer many other options to help you do the tasks you need.

They may not all be specific laptop or notebook tasks but rest assured if you buy them from us well ensure they work on your chosen device.

Graphics tablets, power banks, media players, TV tuners and capture devices, travel adapters, cables for just about every task, and inspection cameras.

At TCS Computers we've sold, installed and supported all of those and more for satisfied customers over the last 25 years.

So if you need your mobile computer to be more than just a word processor that sends emails and plays movies call TCS Computers and we'll ensure you computer works for you, not the other way around.