Krafty Logos

Logos come in many varieties, some are used for websites and some for advertising.

But it doesn't matter what you need a logo for Krafty Presentations & Graphics can meet your needs.

We've been creating logos for business, for companies, for bands and for websites since our earliest days.

It could be something simple, it could be something complex. Whatever your needs contact us and we can discuss them.

Below are some of those logos we've created over the years.

Hinterland Garden Supplies

We spread wide and far these days.

Hinterland Garden Supplies are a family owned business in Texas.

They'd heard about us through another client and were keen too see what we could do for them, and this is what we did.

Riddlea's Plumbing

Here is another example of our wings spreading wide and far.

Riddlea's Plumbing are from Canada, they'd seen and heard about or great work, from our other Canadian clients and were eager to give us a chance to create their business logo.

K T Photography

This banner logo was created for KT Photography.

The logo was originally designed in large format for embroidered badges and branding on clothes with the center image interchangeable for different jobs.

The image has since been used in many other advertising promotions.

Chippies And Chompers

The logo dates back to the very earliest days of Krafty Presentations & Graphics.

It was our very first commercial creation and it dates all the way back to 1994.

Krafty Farm Assistant

We created this for the Krafty Farm Assistant website.

It was used for the company website and printed on banners for field days.

A modified version also appears on all client sites.

Burning Desires

Flaming logo created for the heavy metal band Burning Desires.

Created for the first Burning Desires CD in 2003 and used on all promotional material from that day.

Traralgon Cyber Shack

Krafty Presentations & Graphics first created the Traralgon Cyber Shack logo in 1995.

This version first appeared in 1997 and was used for printed and television adverts then printed on t-shirts.

Brendon's Lighting

Logo created for Brendon's Lighting in 1996.


Logo created for Valhalla website circa 2001.

Karterz Cottage

Created in 2007 for Karterz Cottage.

The Electric Gypsy

Created back in 1998 for the Electric Gypsy.

Golf On Course

Created in 1999 for the short lived website effort of Corporate Golf Images.