TCS Corporate Support

Supporting your client base is important, probably the most important aspect of business and when your business relies predominantly local clients that support and service is even more important.

Local word travels faster than any other form of advertising and for a company that's been in business since before the Internet explosion we completely understand how important that local grapevine of news is.

It was the local grapevine of news that put our name in front of customers and it was those customers who took our name to work sites and offices convincing bosses, managers and business owners alike to look at their corporate computer needs differently.

Of course it didn't happen instantly but in time we gradually proved to many local businesses that having local support that could be called on at any time to rescue their business from computer meltdown was important.

In the late 90's no computer store in Gippsland offered the kind of service businesses could rely on. Such shops could sell computers and peripherals but network support, LAN's and WAN's were ignored and palmed off to Melbourne based support companies. But at TCS we saw the writing on the wall, and that writing was a request from small businesses for local help.

Local Corporate Support

It's no wild claim that in the 90's Gippsland lacked small to large business computer support. There was a small number of well trained experts in the field but they were few and far between and they were busy. Computer shops were pushing cheaper computers onto a market that was not afraid to drive to Melbourne to save $50 off a ticketed price but they were not interested when it came to networks larger than home gaming networks.

Networks, LAN's, WAN's were put in the too hard basket because they required time away from stores and they required a level of knowledge beyond what was needed sell a computer. Working in a server environment where the computers could be a mix of Linux, Unix, Netware and Windows could only be handled by those with a deeper understanding of computers than simply what went in the grey box on the desk.

So that's the path we followed at TCS Computers.

We never gave up our retail presence, we never gave up supporting local home users, but we saw a gap in the market for business and corporate support and we aimed our sights at it.

Before the turn of the century TCS Computers was helping support the local power industry. We were also supporting local video production services, sporting clubs, local offices of large concrete companies and local take away restaurants.

Large Scale Corporate Support

How many local computer stores can put Federal Government Department support and training on their dossiers? At TCS Computers we can!

Before Y2K was becoming an issue for network technicians TCS had completed the training and education to become certified network engineers and we'd secured contracts within several Federal Government offices for both training and network support.

Then by the time Y2K hit TCS Computers was working with companies in both Melbourne and Sydney ensuring that their computer systems were not going to be effected.

However we never forgot our local roots. Throughout the years offering extended support to larger cities and contractors in those cities we still provided Gippsland with the sales and support they were used to from us.

There is no doubt that working within the large corporations and offices of the big smoke gave us an experience and knowledge beyond what local stores could offer. It also kept us grounded, and allowed us to offer better support to our local clients.

It was a busy time and we had technicians working in three different cities at a time, but it was well worth it. But most of all it was worth it because it gave us the knowledge, the experience to better serve our local client base which was once again growing.

Still Supporting Gippsland Businesses

In the early 2000's our foundations once again became firmly cemented in Gippsland.

When our technicians decided the country life was better suited to them and their families we once again focused ourselves on Gippsland businesses.

Word had spread that our service and support was unequaled and with more technicians and more knowledge based in Gippsland it was not long before TCS was fulfilling a wide variety of corporate clients.

Transport companies, delivery services, retail stores, training companies, farming enterprises and doctors clinics were knocking on our doors, ringing our phones and sending us emails.

In no time at all out TCS Computer technicians were supporting retail POS (point of sale) systems, databases ordering systems, industry specific software programs, video conferencing systems, and payroll systems.

Our services were in demand and we were supplying businesses from Melbourne to Bairnsadale with both computer sales and support. If our clients and customers needed something we'd get it, if they needed help with it we'd support it!

LAN's or WAN's, single sites or multiple sites, it didn't matter we were supporting them and keeping Gippsland business running and it's still what we do today.

What's This Mean For Your Business?

What does all of our experience and knowledge mean for your local business?

Simply the best sales, support and service no matter where you are in Gippsland.

It also means that no matter what your business is, if you choose TCS Computers as your corporate support technicians we'll make it our priority to understand your business and how it uses technology.

Whether you need a payroll system, a multi-site computer network, internet based sales, or simply new hardware to keep your office up to date, TCS Computers can help.

We can help once, we can help many times, or we can be your permanent on call technicians. We can work on site for a day, we can work on site for a month. No matter what the task, if your business needs computer help TCS Computers can do it.

What we wont do?

As much as we love repeat customers we'll never make you sign a service contract that ties your business to our servicing or a regular maintenance schedule as many companies do.

We'll never charge you on a sliding scale based on a monthly or yearly membership fee and we'll never charge you a traveling fee to get to your site.

But best of all we'll never put your business second, we'll treat it like we treat our own!