Krafty Digital Imagery

It's a digital world, a world where the printed medium is no longer the only art form.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we realised that early and we've been designing for it ever since.

The printed form may never be replaced with the digital form, especially by us, but we are here to offer the best digital imagery for your needs.

Some of the below designs were made for web pages, some for adverts, and some for purposes we can't even remember.

Demon Concert Poster

We originally created the demon for a Muso Network concert poster series.

We are far from the original artists of this work, variations of it date back hundreds of years, but this image was originally penned by Krafty and then digitsed for the Muso Network in 1998.

The deliberately grainy image was used for the DemonNight series of concerts as stage backdrop and the concert promotional flyers.

Flaming Heart Concert Poster

Here's another Muso Network design, this one dates back to a similar time as the demon.

This image was created for the Valentine's Day Massacre Concert night.

Summer Spirit Pool Van

In 2000 Krafty Presentations & Graphics re-designed the Summer Spirit Pool Shop logo for placement on the company work vehicles.

We liaised directly with the sign writer to ensure that the job was done to the exact specifications of the client.

A digital image of the actual work van with this logo on it eventually made it onto the Summer Spirit website as an animated logo.

Traralgon Cyber Shack Computers

In 2003 Krafty Presentations & Graphics got out the HiAce van template and designed the artwork and layout for the Traralgon Cyber Shack delivery van.

The sign writer was different for this job but again we liaised with the signwriter for the entire process and made sure everything was right.

Latrobe Air

Latrobe Air contacted Krafty Presentations & Graphics in 2007 to redesign the tail wing of their aeroplane.

We'd never designed an aeroplane tail before, but like every job we jumped at the chance.

The bright red tail wing, clear and precise text and the new logo were exactly what they wanted.

Surfboard Image

Even before Krafty Presentations & Graphics existed as a registered business we were creating digital artwork.

This skeleton artwork was create in 1994 and painted onto a clients surfboard in 1995.

WinAmp Skins

In 1999 when The Electric Gypsy asked Krafty Presentations & Graphics to create his digital persona we didn't just stop at a few pictures and an album cover.

We explored every online possibility of the time and one of those was skins for the WinAmp music player, which at the time had the market share of users.

We use the same marketing technique for a number of bands at the time.

Golf Imagery

Produced by Krafty Presentations & Graphics for Corporate Golf Images in 1997.

Greg Norman teeing off using the world as a golf ball.

The Sunrise Fishing Club

Made entirely as a digital image for a Gippsland fishing club in 1996.

Digital imagery has definitely changed a lot..

Muso Network Speaker

Another early Krafty Presentations & Graphics design made for the Muso Network.