Web Design

For more than 23 years Krafty Presentations & Graphics has been creating websites for many different purposes.

From our earliest designs which were as much about wowing viewers with our graphic prowess as they were about providing information. Through to web pages advertising a service or product, to band websites, and all the way to e-commerce sites that sell to the world.

It's been a long and enjoyable journey, one on which we've always tried to surf the leading wave. It hasn't always been easy but we reveal in a challenge and that is what every new client is, a CHALLENGE.

A challenge to go one step further.

A challenge to make the the best we've done.

So why not choose Krafty Presentations & Graphics for your next website!

Over 23 years there has been a lot of web pages, some still exist, but many have disappeared.

Here is an example of what we've been doing over the years. (Note: Not all sites are live)

Click on any website image to enlarge.


KT Photography first chose Krafty Presentations & Graphics in 2016 to bring her photography to the attention of the world.

V1.0, based on the popular WordPress platform provided KT Photography with a means to display all her photography in various albums, but limitations of the WordPress system meant it was quickly outgrown.

In 2020 it was clear KT Photography needed more pizazz.

It was also clear that WordPress was no longer giving the site the sparkle it deserved.

For V2.0 we updated the aesthetics, we made the coding lean and fast loading, we updated the functionality and we gave KT Photography a web platform worthy of the stunning photography it showcased.

Included in the V2.0 update was the addition of a dedicated PHP Photo Gallery.

Extensive modding and code changes were made to the open source photo gallery which resulted in a unique functioning gallery that fit perfect with the vision of KT Photography.

KT Photography also chooses Krafty Presentations & Graphics for all hosting and email needs.

KT Photography Website

Krafty Farm Assistant

Krafty Farm Assistant is a side project started in 2009. Originally a way for us to track farm maintenance it quickly became so much more.

It's a complete asset inventory and maintenance recording package designed for farms. But it's also adaptable to nearly any industry where maintenance & inventory tracking is required.

The web portion uses PHP scripting, SEO optimised text and coding and secure forms.

The client side uses a CMS (Content Management System) backbone offering secure access to only those authorised to have it.

There is a complete photographic inventory, records of each asset, its operational status, maintenance schedule and operating and ownership costs.

Both front and back ends are easily navigated by users of any level.

Some might call it an App, but we call it a complete package, usable on any platform with access to the Internet.

Note: Due to increased demand the Krafty Farm Assistant website is no longer on-line. We have chosen to concentrate on our current client base rather than increase our client numbers. If you'd like more information feel free to contact us, but we are taking on very few new customers at this stage.

Wordpress Remodeling

One of the buzz words of the Internet over the last decade has been WordPress, the free CMS used for sites from Rolling Stone Magazine to personal blogging.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we might prefer to write clean, lean, SEO optimised code. We might prefer to make pages from scratch and we might thrive on the big jobs. But that doesn't mean we are too big to take on the smaller jobs.

Wordpress (or any other free CMS package) may not be for everyone, but if they are for you we are more than happy to scale a product to your needs.

We've customised a lot of Wordpress sites in recent years, some big some small, but all of them were important.

From cosmetic changes, to layout modifications, to back end database changes, to complete overhauls of the original system, we can do it all.

So whether you're a band wanting to showcase your music, an author selling books, or just a casual blogger with something to say at Krafty Presentations & Graphics no job is too small and if Wordpress is what you choose, then we can modify it.

Bradley Von Rock v2012

Long standing client Bradley Von Rock had a website revamp in 2012.

Since 1998 Krafty Presentations & Graphics have been creating Bradley's websites, on-line presence and album covers. Not only is Bradley one of our longest standing clients, he's one of our most represented with some of the images we created for him in the early days still used today.

With this update we incorporated both video and sound bites giving the viewer the full Bradley Von Rock experience.

More images than ever before, more information than ever before and more Bradley than ever before.

National Navara Ute Muster

In 2011 the National Navara Muster committee contacted Krafty Presentations & Graphics to develop a website for the inaugural Ute Muster and to showcase member's vehicles.

With other web design companies unable to meet the extremely short deadline Krafty Presentations & Graphics created this site and graphics in less than a week.

The site used server side scripting, secure forms, an 'easy on the eyes' layout & the ability for both sponsors and members to register for the event.

A high resolution version of the sites top banner, designed by Krafty Presentations & Graphics, was used for stickers, banners and t-shirts. It is still emblazoned across some member's utes to this day, despite the event not able to reach its second year.

Beringa Design

When Krafty Presentations & Graphics started creating this site the idea was to replace an outdated, less than functional website, with a new, aesthetically pleasing, easy to read on-line presence showcasing the abilities of Beringa Design.

The site was extremely well received by the client who requested a lean, clean and fast loading website without the bloating other companies had offered.

Many of the large images were offered in both high and low resolution options but all were optimised for the web.

The site included more than 35 pages of Beringa Designs work and achievements.

Kate Von Rock Visual Artist

One of Tasmania's finest visual artists Kate Von Rock creates unique, inspiring and stunning art, it's little wonder she chose Krafty Presentations & Graphics to help her make her mark on the web world.

Created in 2008 this site showcased Kate's art and provided her with a means to display her abilities to wider buying audience.

This Krafty creation uses CSS menus, image scripting and server side technologies to help Kate make the impression her art deserves.

Wonder Words

Melbourne's premier website content and copy writing service called on Krafty Presentations & Graphics to help them make an impact.

We worked closely with Wonder Words team who allowed our construction team to move in the heavy equipment and to build upon what was already laid out in v1.0 of this site.

Focusing heavily on SEO and on-line advertising campaign to continually improve the website ranking we helped Wonder Words stay ahead of their opposition.

Traralgon Cyber Shack (TCS Computers)

Before TCS Computers were under the Krafty Presentations & Graphics banner they were Traralgon Cyber Shack

Over the years there has been more Traralgon Cyber Shack websites than we can count. From the static websites of the 90's to the full blown e-commerce sites of the 00's. Traralgon Cyber Shack, now TCS Computers, has had a Krafty design for every site.

Pictured here is Traralgon Cyber Shack's first foray into a full blown e-commerce site in 2001. In 2005 this site was completely revamped with a completely new design shown in the e-commerce pages.

While this site made use of many different server side scripting techniques one of the stand out features was the unique animated reversing truck menu system created using the best animation tools of the day.

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines

Krafty Presentations & Graphics began revamping the website for Latrobe Valley Bus Lines in 2008 when LVBL came to KPG looking for something unique.

The front end of the site was populated with news, current events and an extensive history of the long standing local company.

While the back end of the site incorporated Java scripting, animation and video, as well as live interaction with the public transport website for accurate timetable data.

Unfortunately the company was sold before the website went live and although we kept maintaining their web presence the new owners had little understanding about the Internet and its benefits to business so a new site was never utilised.

Bradley Von Rock (circa 2001)

With the release of his second album and a national tour filling the bass role for another prominent Australian band in 2001 Bradley Von Rock called upon us for his second major site update.

2001 was a long time ago and while today this website doesn't look that impressive with its embedded music clips, Java scripting and animated images this site was cutting edge two decades ago.

The Muso Network

The website for this group is long gone but the now defunct Muso Network of Noble Park called upon Krafty Presentation & Graphics in 1997 to create a website advertising their 'Jam Nights' and concert events.

Always prepared to help out a community group we jumped at the chance to get to Muso Network on-line.

A animated version of the Muso Network logo created by Krafty is on display in our Miscellaneous Designs section.

Other sites we've created.

  • The Electric Gypsy - Bradley Von Rock under a different guise. The Electric Gypsy site dates back to 1998. The lightning image to the right has been our most reproduced image for the last 22 years.

  • Corporate Golf Images - Professional golf images for the avid golfer.

  • Valhalla - The story started with "Hard Rock With Its Pants Down", then moved into "The Only Thing Missing Is U". Sadly they are no longer with us but from 1998 - 2003 Krafty Presentations & Graphics put them on the web.

  • BlockBuster Video Vending Machines - Created for a now defunct section of Blockbuster Video arm that was attempting to introduce Video tape vending machines. At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we have come along way since this site was created in 1997.

Contract projects we've undertaken.

Over the past 23 years Krafty Presentation & Graphics has also undertaken a number of short and long term website design contract roles. Some of these roles were won by successful tender while others were secured by corporate headhunting from major businesses looking for the best, this is just a few.

  • Chatswood Online Shopping Guide
  • Corporate Internet
  • Meritus
  • Clayton UTZ
  • The Australian Investor