Printed Design

Every company has a brand and every brand needs to be advertised to make people aware it exists. But to make the most of advertising you need to make an impact. That's where Krafty Presentations & Graphics come in.

Whether it's a newspaper advert, a concert flyer, a promotional poster or even a mail-out catalogues Krafty Presentations & Graphics can help you get recognised.

Below are just some of the many promotional items we have designed over the years.

If you have something in mind that you don't see it here that doesn't mean we don't do it. Contact us and we can discuss your needs!

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we also create wedding invites, engagement invites and all aspects of printed party paraphernalia such as place cards & thank you notes etc. However due to the personal nature of such items we do not list them on the web. Examples are available upon request.

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Printed Sales Catalogues

Got something to advertise? Weekly specials? Monthly specials? That one off birthday sale? It doesn't matter what you need a sales catalogue for we can do it.

All you need to do is provide us with the information you want published and we will create it.

We can even liaise directly with your chosen printer and provide proofs in whatever format they prefer.

Electronic Catalogues

Do you need an electronic catalogue customers can download from your website?

Do you need a cataogue that you can email to clients when requested?

Krafty Presentations & Graphics can help with that too. And we don't just produce a digital copy of your website, we create a catalogue to your exact specifications.

No job is too big or too small. Pictured right is the 42 page PDF catalogue we produced for Snap Crackle and Pop containing more than 1300 listed items.

Promotional Flyers

It doesn't matter if you are selling a product, or selling yourself, chances are one day you'll need a promotional flyer.

Be it for a gig, or for selling an item, or just advertising your entire business flyers are an effective means of advertising. They are even more effective when they leap from the page & catch the attention of your audience.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we've been making promotional material since day one.

From A5, small enough for letterbox drops, to A4 ideal for newspaper inserts and flyers to A1 for concert posters we can make it, any size, any time.

Digital/Printable Art

These designs were created for a local primary school as a means of bridging the gap between printed art and digital art.

The outlined images were produced on computer from photographs, the children were then asked to colour the images with a computer and print them for their portfolios.

Such work was a hit with the kids who finally got to do something interesting with the school computers rather than the usual typing and mouse exercises.

Business/Membership Cards

Business cards, any look, any design, plain or designer made, we can do them all.

Reproductions from existing designs or designs created from scratch, we can have your next business cards ready in no time.

Part of a club? Need Membership cards? At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we can produce those too. We can even laminate your cards!

Drink Coasters

Ever thought of advertising your business with drink coasters?

Hitting on the idea that local pubs and clubs might like free drink coasters this idea was originally spawned from the idea that pub patrons might enjoy board games and jigsaws.

The idea was first used for Snap Crackle and Pop, but we've since used it for both album/CD marketing and store marketing with great success.

Getting some pubs and clubs to agree is not always easy but when they do this is targeted marketing at it's easiest! And it's a great way to place your company name in front of the locals you want to sell too.


At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we first started printing stickers to advertise The Electric Gypsy Band, these stickers were a huge promotional success and some of them can still be seen stuck to laneway walls in the Melbourne CBD.

When The Electric Gypsy was reborn and Vol.1 released a new run of stickers was requested.

Krafty Presentations & Graphics also produced a sticker design for Snap Crackle and Pop.

Just like all our printing jobs we can liaise with your chosen printer directly to ensure your stickers get printed the way you want them.

Store Vouchers

Want something to promote foot traffic in your store?

Promote a sale with specifically targeted vouchers or in store offers.

Shown to the right is an in store promotion we created for a mail-out to subscribed customers of Summer Spirit Pool Shop. These money vouchers gave recipients added discounts and bonus not available to the public.

Whether you need plain or custom designed vouchers Krafty Presentations & Graphics can help.