TCS Computer Systems

For more than 25 years TCS Computers has been supplying not just the best quality parts but the best locally built systems.

Home systems, network systems, office systems, gaming systems, video editing systems, design systems. If you need a complete system built, supplied and serviced in the Gippsland region we are the logical choice.

We started TCS Computers 25 years ago with one simple idea, supply users with what they need, not what makes us the most money.

Not a gamer? Just want a computer to handle email and a bit of web surfing? Whatever your needs we'll look at them and design a system best suited to those needs. We'll even give you options, nothing is set in stone until you sign on the dotted line.

However one thing we don't do is assume we know your needs better than you do, so if you know exactly what you need, we can build any computer to your exact specifications.

Prices at our suppliers change daily, therefore we are happy to quote daily. If you need a new graphics card, or a new monitor, or a complete system, simply contact us and we'll give you the latest price.


Do you just need a basic computer to handle the daily tasks of home.

Maybe you just need emails, web surfing and video chat.

It really doesn't matter because TCS Computers has you covered.

So whether you need help deciding on what you need or you know exactly what you need, talk to us about your next system.

We only use high quality parts from reputable IT brands which ensures that every system we build is not just reliable but offers you the best bang for your buck possible.

And if we build it we support it, locally, not by sending it away if there is problems.

Office Systems

Need something a bit more than a simple home system?

Well of course TCS Computers can help with that as well.

Over the past 25 years we've sold and supported computers to many local business and business people.

We've supported retail stores in Sale, we've supported transport companies in Morwell and we've supported staff from the power industry.

Computers from our workshops have kept businesses in Gippsland efficiently operating for more than two decades, why shouldn't yours be next?

Whether you need a file server, a web server, a payroll system, or a group of networked computers that all talk the same language, we can sell them. But not only do we sell them, we support them and the software run on them.

NUC's and Mini PCs

Maybe your next computer needs to be compact.

Maybe your next computer need to be a NUC (Next Unit Of Computing) or a Mini PC.

If that's the case then TCS can still help you.

For their size these little powerhouses pack a punch and could make a difference in your next office set up.

Car too old for an automated GPS, and entertainment system? Talk to us about using these mini form factor PCs as car computers. We've been doing it for more than a decade.

Gaming Systems

Games. They are the reason most computer users upgrade.

More speed, faster processing, better graphics, smoother game play, better networking, they are all reason for updating a computer when it comes to gaming.

While computer hardware updates at a blistering rate so do many gamers and if you're one of them, at TCS we can help.

Even if you're just starting in the world of gaming, we can help.

From the faster processors, to the most powerful machine, to water cooling, we can sell you the parts needed to make your gaming experience one that is enjoyable.