Krafty Hosting Solutions

Aside from choosing Krafty Presentation & Graphics for your website design the second most important choice you need to make is "website hosting" and it's a decision you should only have to make once.

Choose the right website host first time and you'll never need to choose again.

A good website host can mean the difference between great sales and no sales at all. Between one viewer at a time and thousands of viewers at a time. Or staying awake at night wondering why your website isn't working and staying awake at night dispatching orders.

Until 2007 Krafty Presentations & Graphics preferred to concentrate on our primary tasks, website and graphic design and our clients who requested those services rather than hosting. But with new clients regularly commenting about the poor service from their chosen website hosts we knew it was time to step into the arena.

Not Like Everyone Else

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we aren't your traditional website hosting company, and we don't ever pretend to be.

Like many website design companies we can offer our clients website hosting on our high speed Australian website servers. Our servers come with up time guarantees, secure servers and everything else leading servers come with to give you peace of mind.

However the one thing our high speed servers don't come with is the promise that you'll get a better deal if your web site is housed on them as some design companies do.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we'll give you the best deal on design and maintenance no matter where your site is hosted. If you as the client want to change to our servers it's your choice. We don't make special deals with design and maintenance contracts to try and entice you to migrate to our servers simply because it's easier for us.

Even if you don't want to use Krafty website servers but still want to move your website onto a better service we can also point you in the right direction.

Any Site Any Time!

To keep to our promise of fast and reliable website hosting Krafty Servers can only house a selected collection of websites, but for the right clients we can always make web space.

If your website is a static site and only requires a minimal number of updates Krafty Presentations & Graphics Servers can help.

Likewise if your site is a high end e-commerce site requiring secure connections and credit cards facilities Krafty Presentations & Graphics can help.

But that's not all, we also understand your needs. Therefore if our servers are not for you and you do want to move we can also suggest website hosts that understand those needs just as well as we do.

At Krafty Presentations & Graphics we are not affiliated with any hosting service and therefore do not make money from our recommendations. What that means for you is that if you ask for our hosting advice and we can't help you directly, you can be sure any recommendation we make is not based on financial transactions. But instead on experience and knowledge.

So why not talk to Krafty Presentations & Graphics today to help meet your hosting needs.